Love It, Live It, Want It

Well the weekend is almost here, finally.  It has been super busy at work which is good considering this is the first year we have had the web site up and running,  With loads of work piling up, and the heat broken at work, the weekend is what I am looking for.

So the weekend mostly hold, for most people, relaxing days, sleeping in and watching football (or whatever sport you are in to).  But for me, during this nasty winter in DC, the weekend holds a lot of training.  I really wish I could do it every day, long bike rides, long runs, and countless laps in the pool.  With the week stepping up with training, more and more thoughts are coming to me, like I want to do this for a job, to turn pro, and to train all day every day.  It is a long shot, yes, but who knows what this year will hold.  All the months, shoot years, of training, Ironman is what I love, what I live for, and what I spend my free time doing (training).  Well this was a totally random and not that important post but here is what has gone on with training and what is in the works for the weekend:

Monday- 2500 meters in the pool

Tuesday- 70 minute bike trainer workout, uphill

Wednesday 2500 meters pool in the am

60 minute bike trainer workout, high cadence

Thursday- Track workout done on treadmill

Friday- REST

Saturday- 30 minute pool

2-3 hours on the bike (hopefully outside depending on temperature and snow)

20 minute tempo run off the bike

Sunday- 70-90 minute run (fast pace)



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