Christmas Week

Well Christmas is coming around and I guess I better do an update since it is almost here, if anyone actually reads this.  Well over the past weekend I headed down to NC for the Norwood’s Christmas and it was super fun, seeing the family is what Christmas is all about, forget the gifts, forget the drama, family is where it is at.  Entering North Carolina, I was stoked, until the snow started falling.  I try to head south to escape it and it followed me down there.  It snowed the entire day on Saturday but stopped that night.  That night was friend time with Matt Todd and his girlfriend and cousin, which is ALWAYS fun! Thanks for the fun times guys and gals.

The week at work is busy to say the least, with last-minute shoppers, it always makes for a fun week before Christmas.  Only two more days and then NC is where I will be.  Family, friends, and oh yea, a lot of training down there, which I can’t wait for.  The bike trainer will be staying in DC over Christmas, Steph says I need to grow a pair and bike outside, so it is going to happen.  A short post because well, not much going on, training twice a day now, and working overtime takes up my entire day.  Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy your time with family and friends, and remember what Christmas is all about.  Have a great one everyone and safe travels.


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