New Years Goals, not Resolutions

So many people have new years resolutions that, lets face it, don’t last.  Every year people have new years resolutions of getting in shape, being healthy, working out, this is why the gym memberships skyrocket in early January.  Listen, I can save you a lot of money, eat smaller portions and start running.  I will not charge you each month for that piece of information, this one is free.

As for my new years resolutions, there are none.  I belive that I have new years goals that help me through the next year.  Goals are more achievable than resolutions, in my eyes.  So my new years goals are somewhat like most people’s.  Some may think they are crazy but here they are, my 2011 New Years Goals:

1. Get in shape: I am already in shape but I want to be the fittest I have ever been in 2011.  With 2 Ironmans, this will happen with determination and small goals.

2. Be healthy:  I eat healthy as it is but I do have a bad bad sweet tooth.  So, I am limiting my sweet tooth to one day a week.  No sweets, cookies, chocolate, except on Sunday nights, that will be my Sunday Funday.  Also, I want to have a better overall health.  I know I am in great shape but want my entire body to be more healthy; mind, body, and soul.

3. Push myself:  I know I do this a lot but I really want to see how far I can go; in my career, training, races, and all aspects of life.


With all this being said, I am starting the new year our right, me and some friends are doing the usual, going to a party and hanging out with friends.  However, at 11:30pm, we are going to leave and start running through DC.  At the stroke of midnight, we will be at a monument and having the new years start off by doing something we love, running.

What is your new years goals, and not resolutions?

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