Needs vs. Wants

Alright, this is a big issue when talking, well about anything in life, is it a need or is it a want.  A want can be something that you can live without, such as that massive steak dinner at your favorite restaurant instead of cooking it yourself at home, or a new set up bike wheels, even though you have a pair already on your bike, or even a surfboard to add to your quiver, you already have a quiver, you don’t need another surf board, you want one.  Some wants people think are need, try living day-to-day with your paycheck and see how fast your wants turn into wanting nothing.  People want things all the time and if you give it the three-day rule, your wants will slowly go away.  The three-day rule is if you see something you want, leave it there, don’t buy it and give it three days and then if you still want it, get it.  If you are just thinking that you want it, the three days will expire and the want will expire also.

And now for the needs, such as food and water, shelter, warmth during the winter, and coolness during the summer.   Needs can also come in the form of satisfaction, you might think this is going somewhere that it really is not.  For me, right now and for the past three of four months, I have been NEEDING salt water.  Some may say that this is a want and it will go away and I don’t need salt water.  Well, bullshit, I need salt water.  I have not been on a surfboard in over a year and if my friends knew that, which they will now, they would shoot me for it.  I use to surf every day, all day on the weekends, skip college classes to surf.  Now, I can’t get to the water and it is killing me.  You don’t know what have till it’s gone is a bold quote that a lot of people say after they get out of a relationship.  And for me, the ocean and me is a relationship.  We are bonded, we play together, I worked in it for 4 summers as an Ocean Rescue Officer, I NEED the salt water, a board and the boys to surf with.  I am not going to up and leave, head somewhere to surf and sell everything in my house and drive…Well, it has been on my mind for a long time now…

With that being said, you are thinking this is a total random post today, and it is.  But if for some reason I show up at your door with me and my dog, surf boards, and bikes, you know why I am there.  See you soon!


2 responses

  1. take me with you please!

    January 7, 2011 at 1:17 pm

  2. The_Diabolical_Southpaw


    I can relate to this entirely. The years have crept by and rolled together too quickly, with too much time out of the water. I have saved money to go and then stopped myself because things arose in life to pursue. I can say though that over the last while things have been put sharply into focus in my life and while I need to make a certain amount of money to survive and live, there are certain things that are priceless. Time and youth both are. As we age, more and more responsibility creeps into our lives, and while in most cases this is invited or allowed, it happens for certain. This will be my last year away from the water. IT has been too long….

    On an entirely different note, I am going to do a sprint tri this spring. I have been swimming and biking, but I have bad case of chronic shin splints to get over. Seeing some of your tri posts on FB has been an inspirtation.

    Anyways, I am stuck in JFK on a layover to Argentina. I saw your facebook link and read some of your blog posts. Keep rolling with the punches and go after what you want. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Your gills won’t every dry till your in the dirt. I am on a similar boat away from the sea at the moment, but I am charting a different course, for the one I have been on will not be for me.

    Your old neighbor from upstairs Seagull—caw caw,

    February 20, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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