Had enough…

Alrighty, well today is Sunday which usually means my long run has already been done.  Today it has not…. The wind chill is 15 degrees right now and the long run outside is not going to happen until it reaches around at least 25 degrees with the wind chill.  By the looks of it, that will not happen today.  I want to go but I really just can’t be out there, I have had enough training outside, solo, in the cold ass weather.  It is not even cold, it is freezing outside, just walking to my car to go to the grocery store this morning I froze.  And I usually bike everywhere in the city and now, I am either not going places, or driving (which I hate to).  Enough is enough, I have had it, I am officially over it in the North.  People say that the north is so great, some say DC is in the south (not even close everyone).  The coldness has gone to my brain and escaping it is going to be happening soon, real soon.  I want to get out of it, change everything, and head to a place where cold is 60 degrees.  Hawaii sounds nice, but too far away from family, California sounds nice too…wink wink.   Well until my mind is made up, indoor Ironman training will have to be what it has come to.  Some say to grow a pair and deal with it, well tough shit, I am not cut out for the freezing temperatures, I have had enough…


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