Make it

Over the weekend, the temperatures got really low and it got to my brain a little bit.  After talking with a buddy last night it all came clear, I am getting the case of cabin fever.  I never thought this would happen to me, but due to the coldness outside and the amount of training I am doing, staying on the trainer or the pool is leading to cabin fever.  I have come to realize that for once in my life, this is my chance to do whatever I want, go wherever I want, be who I want to be, see what I want to see.  With that being said, I am not going to up and leave and never look back, as much as a I would like, but I am going to make a plan and go with it.  Plans are a good guideline to go by, you don’t have to stick to it all the time, sometimes you might want to do more than what is on your plan, and that is fine, but the end result is what needs to be made.  The end result to my plan, find a place to live in a warm climate and be happy with life.  I am happy with life now, don’t get me wrong, but I think that a place where there are more people like me; people who surf, train, love the outdoors, the ocean, the sun, the sunburns, love organic foods, you get the picture.  DC might have some of those but not really during the winter times.  I don’t like the traffic and being near a place that has more of an Aloha vibe to it would be super nice.  I was reading a blog and found this and it is so true.

This sums up about every emotion I was thinking about over the weekend.  Stop thinking just live.  It fits right in my shoes right now.  I need to enjoy what I have, set up a plan and go with it.  For everyone that might know me, the West Coast is most likely where I will be heading.  And I am going to throw this out there, I have been applying for jobs out there so hopefully the time will come soon to head out west to California.

This might seem like I am rambling about the same ol’ thing that I usually ramble about, getting out of DC, but this post is to let you see things are good, I am getting a plan, and rolling with it.  Until we talk again, Aloha everyone. Have a great day!


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