Roots can be a powerful word when you are talking about getting back to your roots.  Roots can mean family, friends, your soul, religion, sports, activities, whatever got you to the place you are today.  For me finding my roots has been a long process.  Now that I am aware of some of my roots, it is time to get back to them.  And no, I am not talking about the party boy Chicken Biscuit that came out during college, however…. no, just kidding, not those roots.  I am talking about the roots that made me the person who I am today.  The person that goes with the flow, lives by the “no worries” attitude.  The guy who does things for others and does everything with a smile.  It has been way too long and I am heading back.

For me, my roots lay in the ocean.  My whole like has been surrounded by the ocean and now it is not, which does not make me happy.  My uncle in Hawaii always says when I am out there, when are you coming home?  I love him for this, he see’s where my home is, where I am suppose to be.  I always thought he just wanted me back there, which I know he does, but home is near the ocean, near the Pacific that is.  I love him for that, and he understands me for needing the ocean.  I think that sometimes he sees me better than I see myself.

Anyways, thanks to a buddy, I am working out a plan.  Not one of these plans that will not happen, I am putting it out there and making it happen.  Being back to the Pacific and closer to my Hawaii family that I miss dearly.  I do miss my actual family also, but they understand me for me and are cool with it (I hope).  So, if anyone sees that I am driving away from DC, give me a big shocka and smile! Aloha everyone!


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