Weekend Fun=Boost Training

Oh Monday is finally here.  The weekend has come and gone and a lot of fun in Raleigh happened.  I ended up surprising my little brother with a lot of friends and family for dinner then all of us going out to celebrate his 21st birthday.  We started the night at Mellow Mushroom, a killer pizza restaurant, if you are in Raleigh, go there! Then we headed to my friends bar, White Collar Crime, another must go to in Raleigh.  From there we headed to a club.  I am not much on clubs but once I am there, the dance floor is where you can find me.  You would not think that from talking, or hanging out with me, but I really like to dance, only after a couple of adult beverage are in me.  We ended the night back at my dads house and cooking breaky till about 3:30 am.  The next morning bike ride was a duesy… Sweating out the night before helps me see how much I really do love training.  Feeling that bad= fuel to to not do it for a long time and get my ass into gear again.  Saturday was a chill day then bed early for a long run on Sunday.

Driving back to DC I always have a lot of emotions.  I don’t like the city, I hate the traffic, I HATE THE COLD WEATHER, and oh yea, did I mention I hate the cold weather… But sometimes you have to make the best of what you have at the present time because hating it all the time will make your life hell.  I have gone there, I am sure I will go through it again before I leave DC.  For now, making the best of what I have, work and training.  Training is my life and it will stay that way while in DC. Social life, gone unless you are in DC and want to train.  Good thing all my friends are in training mode now too or I would not see them. I am still looking to move, I have applications out all over the country so we will see where I go, hopefully soon!

Finally got my hotel for St. George and that is another thing that is helping me get back into the mood to train my ass off.  It is understood that at some point of your training you will go through a slump, mine was last week.  Back at it again this week and ready to kill the races this year.


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