Just thinking…

Alright well it appears that the winter weather is back again here in DC.  Woke up to a good amount of ice everywhere.  Went to the pool to get my swim in this morning, two-hour delay… That boosted me and now wanting a swim, I have to wait for after work and then hit the bike for an hour.  But that is not what this post is about.

This post is about thinking what should one do with their life.  It is a hard question to ask yourself.  You might be thinking, here he goes again, thinking way too big.  I have done a lot of thinking and one thing always comes back into my mind.  And no it is not moving, however, that is always in my brain.  This issue has to do with jobs.  Everyone wakes up in the morning and some of us think I get to go to a fun job today, while some people think crap, I have to go to work today.  I am the later of the two right now.  One profession that has always come into my mind is dealing with sports.  I do all this training and why not do something as a job that allows me to deal with my “addiction”?  I have the text at home to get my ACSM but I want more than that.  So I have been looking at grad schools for a while.  From what I can see, I am going to have to go back to undergrad before I can peruse what I really have in mind, Sports Psychology.  The mind has always been fascinating to me.  How it works when athletes go through different parts of a race, a game, or even training.  How and what does a quarterback think about when he sees a 300 pound guy wanting to tear his head off, what does a surfer go through mentally when they are riding a 30 foot wave and they get worked and held under for minutes at a time, or how does a world-class triathlete push their self every day and does the brain work the same in a race?  These things have always fascinated me.  I want to learn more about that.  It has taken me how long to realize this?  My grandfather always says, love what you do, do what you love.  I love sport, not sitting behind a desk, a computer, with no windows anywhere in my office.  The bright fluorescent lights are taking their toll on me.

Well a long to think about.  If anyone has any thoughts, let me know.  I am going to start studying and go ahead and take the ACSM test and go from there.  Have a great day everyone and just remember, I am just thinking here…. or am I?

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