Cold Still…

Last week the weather was turning around and I got super stoked, the coldness might be done for the year… Well that didn’t happen.  Last night we were suppose to get some more snow, but it never came, thank goodness because people freak out here when there is a just a little snow.  And the coldness is another story, I have a long ride tomorrow that is going to have to be done inside, again this week.  Some say to grow a pair and ride outside, well with the high for tomorrow being 25 degrees, this skinny dude is not about to get sick and hypothermia over a 2 and a half hour ride.  I will gladly ride the trainer and watch some surf videos.  Two things that make me happy, riding and surfing, and to get to do them at the same time, what more could one ask for, well don’t answer that one.

With so much going on, my mind has still been pondering about California.  I totally want to jet out and be there now, but the mature part of my has kicked in, about time huh.  I am going to go with the flow and cruise until something comes up out there.  I want the surf though, need the surf, want the water and sun and away from traffic, horns, and away from people being in a hurry so much.  I got one thing for people who are in a hurry while driving, leave earlier next time.  Don’t put others life’s at stake because you left too late for whatever you are in a hurry for.

The weekend is jammed packed and I am actually stoked, getting wet tomorrow morning, the only way in DC to get wet is go for a swim so I am.  Then a couple of hour training session then a much-needed massage.  Treating myself to get the tweaks out of my body is much-needed.  Sunday is a day for rest, or a long rest, lunch with a buddy, then rest.  I am going to go for the long run and lunch then rest.

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy your time off from work your way.  Aloha Friday everyone!


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