Weekend Excursions

I usually don’t write over the weekend but since it is blistering cold outside and my long run will have to be done tonight on a friends treadmill, why not write this morning.  So with Saturday a wrap, which was amazing by the way, Sunday is finally here.  First, lets start with Saturday.  The day started with a brick that was only going to be a 2 hour trainer ride and then a short run.  Well when friends come over and the talks get long, the extra time adds up.  After a 2.5 hour indoor ride with surf videos and rap blasting, it was time for a cold run.  When we started the ride, it was 5 degrees with the windchill out and when we finished and headed out for a run, well it was not that much different, a 2.5 mile run was all we could handle with the wind blowing hard.  Saturday afternoon, ho man, a killer 90 minute massage was exactly what I needed.  Anyone in the DC area that wants a sports massage from an Ironman guy, let me know, I have the perfect one for you.  Dinner was up next with Bill and his friend Katie.  Dinner turned into fun at an arcade.  I have not been to one in years.  You might be thinking, what the heck you went to an arcade for fun, YES.  It was not a normal arcade, it was an adult arcade, a bar with skeeball and indoor putt putt.  It was a super fun night and sober time was so much fun with people who do what we do, exercise and crash by 9pm every night.

Now Sunday is here and a lunch is planned with a buddy from church.  It should be fun times to hang out with a guy from church and get to know him.  Oh yea, and thanks to Bill, I get to fix a broken toilet handle this morning too. Just kidding Bill, but yea I still have to fix it.  Then a chill afternoon followed by church and then a run on the treadmill.

In the future there might not be a lot of post, I am going to look at a small video camera today, one of those flip ones, so I can document training and life so the written post might turn into video post, so look for that in the near future.  Until we talk again, have a warm day and send some warm this way, not the snow that they are saying is coming.


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