Video Number Uno

So I bought into it, I got one of those small video camera’s.  To be honest, they are pretty cool things.  Below is my first video done this morning.  I got the camera to show the journey this year, through working full time and trying to kill it in the two Ironman races that I am signed up for.  People see how the pro’s train all the time, it is their life, they do it for work.  The people who have to sacrifice everything they have, social life, late night television, early mornings, cold weather workouts, and everything else that is thrown on you with a full time job, that is what I want to document.  It might sound like a lot to handle, and it is, but I love it.  There is something about training that is in me, it is something that I will never give up, it is me, it is who I am.  I want to push my body to the limits every day.  So the video camera will show you the year that I am going through, through the thick and thin (my friends and family know what last year held for me) so this year is all about pushing myself and seeing how far triathlon can take me.  Almost like Bill year, you know what I am talking about Bill.  So don’t laugh at the video, it is my first one. A lot more to come.


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