Home is…

So I was reading an article in the new Lava Magazine yesterday and it really got me thinking.  The article is about two brothers who are pro triathletes who live in Germany year around and train together.  They talk about their lives there and how it is cold and how everyone is moving to American to train to be warm year around.  These guys call the cold arctic town home and they say that is where they want to be based out of, the home.  This really got me thinking about the word “home”.

Many people say home is where the heart is, and yes I too believe that.  But what if your heart does not know where home is.  I thought it was in DC, but that turned out to be a bust, I thought that it would be in North Carolina where I grew up, but after going to visit a lot down there recently, it turns out that is not it either.  When I was growing up, home was in North Carolina, where my house was, where my family was, and still is today.  But as you grow up and move away you find that home is where you are.  This might be true for some people but for me, for some odd reason, I can’t seem to find a place that feels like home.  Don’t go thinking, CB is going to be moving away trying to find home.  While that is a good idea at times, you know that is not me either.

This is the definition of home in one dictionary:

“The place where a person (or family) lives; one’s dwelling place; specif.,

  1. the house, apartment, etc. where one lives or is living temporarily; living quarters
  2. the region, city, state, etc. where one lives”

I look at this and think, do I feel at home in my apartment that I am living now?  It does have all of my stuff here but to me it does not feel like home, it feels more like a place where I store my things and sleep at night.  It is a pretty rad apartment though, a true man cave with bikes everywhere, cheap decorations, a big screen television sitting in front of my tri bike set up on the trainer.  But it does not feel like home, a place where my heart should be.

My dad has always told me to follow my heart.  This is making sense to me know, follow your heart and you will be at home.  I guess that with age, you get to know these things, you get to know what home is all about.  It is not about a place where you store your things at night, a place where you lay your head for rest, a place where people come visit you, home is a place of content, a place where you feel at peace.  Over the past year I have learned that you have to be happy in life and the heart will be there too.  So today, it makes me want to find the place that makes me happy with my heart, not just a new location.  This might sound crazy, a little bit crazy to me too for posting this but that article really hit home with me, no pun intended.

I need to be happy, to find a place that I can call home.  A place where I don’t just store my things, but a place where after a vacation, or a night out with friends, I can say I am heading home, and really enjoy where I am heading.  Don’t think I am going to do anything crazy, please, I am not, I am just writing this to get it out, to let my mind roam and find the place where I can call home.


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