Aloha Friday FINALLY

The week is almost over and with the weekend full of training, one more day of work must have to do for now.  The week overall with training, work, and the nagging sickness staying around went awesome!  With the training, I have done all my training inside this week, still no running and it is killing me because that is the one discipline that I enjoy the most.  I could go run but the sickness is still lingering around and I don’t want to push it too hard so I have been taking the time to do some extra trainer rides.  When I first started the training for IM St. George, I was dreading the biking part.  After spending so much time with Lola, that’s my bike (and yes I do have a name for her, we spend so much time together, she is the girl in my life right now) I am totally changing my thoughts about bike long distance.  I love it, love it, love it.  Did I mention I love biking?  Well I do and I can’t wait for the weather to break so I can actually ride outside instead of all my rides having to be done in front of the television.  Speaking of riding my bike and training for a couple Ironman’s, I saw a funny quote that goes with this,”I ride my bike more than my girlfriend, and she still likes me.”  A bit on the risky side but it is true, when you are training, the relationships have to wait.  I don’t know if you guys have seen that youtube video (if not, it is at the bottom of this page) about the guy training for an Ironman and the girl is telling him how crazy he is and he won’t have a girlfriend, yada yada yada…. Well it’s true.  I am feeling that right now.  I want to venture out and start going out and meeting some new people, but, the time is not right.  I don’t have time and that is okay with me.  It stinks but I know in the end, God has a plan for me.  He has shown me this is what I am supposed to do and when the time comes for me to meet someone, He will make it happen.

And then the weekend came… It is going to be a very tiring weekend, training yes and working on my couple odd jobs at nights and getting a website up and running for a killer actress, Skyler Chissell.  I will put up a link when I am done with the website.  Also, making some new projects for an organization.  Don’t want to say who or what cause I want the creator to be unknown.  And then church Sunday night to end the weekend right and start a new one.

On this Aloha Friday, enjoy your life, enjoy the time, enjoy the company, and have fun! Aloha ya’ll.


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