Super Bowl Sunday= Rest Night

It is Super Bowl Sunday and there will be no watching of that for me.  For one, it is too late at night and for another reason, I just found out who was playing this week (I don’t watch a lot of football).  So instead of feasting on unhealthy food, staying up late, drinking beers, my super bowl Sunday will be spent at church then heading to bed.  It is what I like to do after a long weekend.  Well the weekend is finally over and this weekends blog post has a lot of videos.  I wanted everyone to see what the weekend is really like for me, or anyone for that matter, who is training for an Ironman. I can give you the numbers for the weekend, and some may think it is not that much or some people might think I am nuts.  So here are the numbers from Friday to Sunday (plus the overall for the week): Swim- 1mile( 4 overall for the week), Bike- 70 miles( 140 for the week), and Run- 21 miles (27 for the week).  I want to do more, I want to push it more, I just don’t have enough time with working 50 hours a week added to the mix, and among other things like rest, driving time to and from work, and overall cleaning and house things that I usually forget about.  Finally getting back from the sickness that has been inside me for the past two weeks, I am full on training mode, anything that is not good for training stay away.  This might sound extreme but it has to happen when you are all in!

I hope you guys enjoy the video’s, they are just random and kind of fun.  More to come later on.

For the next post, what do you think about when training for endurance sports…

This was Friday night.

Saturday Morning.

Saturday comes to an end.

Sunday funday is a time to chill, relax, and take in some much needed couch time and church time.  Now it’s on to the next week of training, a recovery week is on the plan but some extra running always comes into the mix.


One response

  1. Jessica

    It’s good to see your face. Love the video blogs!

    February 8, 2011 at 11:00 am

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