11 Things About Me

So laying in bed last night and not being able to sleep, I started wondering if there were things that you guys don’t know about me.  Well I thought about a few so here they are, Get to know me a little better

1. I have pillows on my bed but I sleep with a camping pillow instead of an expensive feather pillow, feels better.

2. I have had 10 piercings, all above the neck, and only wear the nose diamond now.

3. I got my first tattoo with a fake ID when I was 16 years old.

4. I sleep with a “little pillow” that I got the day I was born.

5. I have had 5 eye surgeries, 1 knee reconstructions, and 9 broken bones.

6. I have been a sponsored surfer, a local shop in NC but it was still sponsorship.

7. I spent a summer in England and Sweden playing soccer in middle school.

8. I got held back in 7th grade because I was so young for my grade.

9. I have never had breakfast in bed.

10. My happy place is the beach at night.

11. I am obsessed with penguins and I will one day own a pet penguin named Frank.

This was a totally random post again today but it helps you see where I  have come from, if you guys even care.  But oh well, there are 11 things you might not know about me.  I am going to leave you today with another video/ song to help jump start the day.  It is a good song to get the day going and it does go to my valentine chica in NC, you know who you are.

And this is the same song from yesterday but it is just to piss Chris off who shares an office with me.  I would not stop playing it yesterday so here it is again buddy, all day, full one.


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