Weekends are made for FUN

With the weekend almost over it has been a fun one so far.  Some people might look at this and think it is not fun, but I am not some people, I am me, and this was fun.  So yesterday I did something that I need to do more often, I miss so much, and that is trail running.  I talked with a friend and she said she would be down to go on the trails for a longish run.  So, after knocking out my run for the day, I headed to the trails.  There is something about being out there that makes you feel like a little kid.  Sliding around on the ice, getting trail rash, all of that, it is fun.  We did a 7 mile run and there was still  ice everywhere which made it a fun little run; instead of running down some areas, sliding was the only way to go.  Acting like a little kid again is important in life.  Too many times all we are is serious.  When is the last time you went and did something that made you truly smile, laugh, and act like a little kid?  I am gusesing it has been a while.   I am going to give you a challenge for the week, and I know I never do this, but the challenge is to do something that makes you feel like a little kid again, I bet it will make you smile like you haven’t in a long time.  Well it is a short post this weekend, I have to jump on the trainer for a 2 hour ride since the wind is brutal again today, not to mention a little cold still, and then do some work on the run.  I will leave you with a video from the trail.  After coming around a turn, we hear water flowing and we looked up and it was so pretty.  There were no cars in site, no traffic, no horns just water.  It is hard to believe that this is only 3 miles from downtown DC.  I have found my new happy place while I am in DC. Notice he river in the back, nice area to just chill.

Have a great week everyone, talk to y’all soon. Aloha


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