Valentines Day

So today is the good ol’ valentines day.  A day filled with roses way over priced, restaurants having expensive meals, and spending the time with the people you love.  Well for me, the day was a long long work day, 12 hour days are never fun.  And then after work, a date with Lola and Maui.  If you don’t know, Lola is my tri bike.  I did a killer workout with Maui, my dog, laying right next to me making sure I did not fall off the trainer.  We followed it up with a pasta dinner.  It was a good ending to a long day at work.

That brings me to writing this, what does valentines day mean to you?  To some it is all about gift giving, flowers, the whole nine yards.  But for some it is doing the things that you both like and enjoying the company.  To me that is what means the most, spending time with the ones you love.  You take for granted that you have them in your life.  You should not take those things for granted.  Be with the ones you love and tell them as much as you can.  You never know when it will be the last time you see them… Not trying to bust this day, for real.

I will leave you with a video.  A video that shows dedication and the strive for me wanting to achieve my goals for this year and pushing it when a long work day could be spent on the couch or in bed.  But nope, on the bike doing a 25 mile hill workout and spending some quality time with my dog.  Sounds like a country song huh?  Well I hope you had a great valentines day (or as my friend Steph said to me today, a single awareness day).   Have a great one everyone!

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