What do you do?

Well the week is half way over and the weekend is creeping up fast, thank goodness.  With a fun-filled rest of the week planed, and an even more fun-filled weekend, it can’t come any more fast.  The week of training is going great, while most people would say build weeks are a killer week, I love them.  This gets me to the thoughts of training all the time.  With pulling double workouts almost daily, it leads me to thinking that training for a living would be amazing.  And yes, I know, they are called pro athletes.  This is true, but they had to start somewhere.  They didn’t get the pro card, in triathlon, just handed to them.  They all had to make the choice, what do you want in your life.  This leads me to thinking more and more about pushing it so hard this year to see where my race career could go.  With bumps in someone’s life, like in mine, things come up but what you do when those things come up is what leads people to push harder or give up.  For me, it adds fuel to the flames.  It pushes me to somewhere where I want to be.  Take for last night as an example; I did a killer 2 mile swim workout in the morning and with a long stressful day, I could have not done an extra workout.  But, I got home and needed a run, so I went on a short 3ish mile tempo run to push it and clear my head.  Also, I ran with an i pod, which I usually don’t do.  Needless to say, I was running faster than I usually do on a tempo run.  I did not have my Garmin but it was at least upper 5 min/mile pace.  When the going gets tough, what do you do?  Do you sit at home and put on a pity party or do you use the fuel to add to the flames and get out of the door and push  yourself?

This is a reason, I think, that make people want to push it.  You have to be all in, push it when you could easily sit back and chill.  I will leave you with this random thought; things in the past can’t be changed, live in the now and roll with it.  Do you have the support to do what you want and follow something that you love?  What do you do?



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