Spring in the Air

Holy Cow, can you believe it, I am in shorts today!!! The highs are 70 and I am loving it.  Happy Aloha Friday to EVERYONE!!!!!!

The week is almost over and the weekend of fun is about to begin.  The temperatures are going to be going down again but hopefully an outside ride will happen this weekend for once.  It has been another build week and again, loving it.  Adding up miles on the road, in the pool, and on my feet is fun to me, not most, but to me it is fun.

Also over the weekend, I get to search for a cheap computer.  Mine is officially done and with a Mac in mind, I am going to have to go with a cheap PC.  Maybe next time my computer dies I will be able to get a Mac.  Anywho, that is my weekend, training and finding a computer.  Sounds like fun huh?

Have a great aloha Friday everyone and more post over the weekend with video’s added.

One picture to enjoy the day with. This is what I think about when the weather turns warm. Running shirtless with hibiscus flowers growing everywhere.


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