How we live

To many people see objects are a sign of accomplishment, a sign about how much money you make, or even a sign of how “cool” you are.  It might be that big 55 inch flat screen hanging on the wall of your 5 bedroom house overlooking the mountains or water in an exotic location, or it might be the car or cars that you drive.  So, where am I going with this…

Here is where I am going, over the weekend, I have thought about a lot of things and this one is hits home for me right now.  It is something that I have come to learn and appreciate about myself and others.  The whole idea is living minimalistically.  To me that means not having all the new things that come out, or the cool new cars.   Too many of us think that we need to go wine and dine to have a good night, or we need to have the newest cool car that came out, but for me it is all about health, happiness, family and friends.

A phrase came into my mind this weekend and it won’t leave my head,”If you go without now, you will appreciate it that much more later in life”.  This is true, but I am not going without, I am just living the way I want to, happy!  This also involves no television, not even bunny ears, one chair, my bikes, my dog and my happiness.  To some, this might sound crazy and to the guys I work with, this is crazy.  But it is me, it is how I live.  I enjoy the finer things in life, like happiness, friends, fun outside rather than sitting inside all the time.  With some things gone and out of my life now, it is easier to see that things happen for a reason, I didn’t need the shit I got rid of, it is things, and things can be bought if I want them but happiness and friendship can not be bought.

The weekend has been a great one, working out all weekend and enjoying time with friends and just cruising enjoying life.  It is your life, do with it what you want, paint your own canvas.  Be you!


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