Paths in life

Well, I finished the book that I was reading, Running on Faith.  If you have not heard about it, read it and you will be amazed about life through one man.  This is not a suggestion, it is an order, READ IT!

Okay not really an order but for sure check it out, it is an amazing book about never giving up, never giving in, and through determination and motivation, and the main thing GOD, your dreams will become true if that is the path God has put into your hands.

The post today is not something that I talk about a lot but wanted to see what everyone was thinking about this.  When you are going down a path in life and then something happens, how do you react to that speed bump?  It is a question that can make a person do crazy things in life.  Too many times I see on television, when I do watch it, that when something goes bad in a person’s life, they do something crazy; murder, running away, buying expensive things, all for what?  To get back and make them feel better.  Over my life I have gone down many different paths in life and there are speed bumps along every one of them.  When I hit my speed bump after going blind at 15 years old, the doctors said I had to lay off soccer for a while, yea, that didn’t happen, I knew that soccer held me together and it was my life, the plan at that point in life through God.  Over the years, speed bumps get bigger as we grow older, and rightfully so, we have more responsibilities.  Speed bumps involve separation, divorce, death, illnesses, whatever, they just get bigger.  How do you handle these in your life?  This is not a question to think about, I really want to know!!! Leave a comment and let me know.

For me, I see speed bumps as God making me slow down and take a look at what is really going on in my life.  I had a talk with a friend a couple of months ago and an issue that she was having.  She had a huge decision to make about her triathlon career and he had an injury that would not allow her to run.  Sitting there and hearing that from her, I felt for her.  I knew what she was, and still is, capable.  At that time, things were going great for her, work was great, training was great, life was great, but there was one thing missing, getting involved with the church.  No I am not going to go on a spiel about how you should find the church because you are going through a bad time, but it is a good idea, this is her story and one that I feel as though you can see what happens when take one thing out of your life and replace it with another.  Okay, back to the story, so she started searching for a church in DC, and she is a Christian girl so it was fun for her.  Well, she found a church, got me to go to it and what do you know.  She started spending more time there, getting involved, and look who is now running with me… Hummm does this make you think about anything yet?

Okay, well I am going to leave you with a great video today to start the warm, or cold, depending on where you live, day today! This is by a woman from NC, NC represent what what, so I hope you enjoy.


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