RUN FUN, from past to future

Oh man, so yesterday was a rough day at work and all I wanted to do was to get out of work and go for a run.  I could not think of a better thing to do when my frustration with work was piling up and it was only Tuesday.  So I headed out for an hour run towards the trails.  The trails have made me feel alive, make me feel like a little kid again, even when I am the only one out there, it is fun to just cruise and run for fun.  That is the real reason to do anything, right, for fun?

After getting back from my 11 mile adventure through the city to the trails and then back through the city, my mind was wandering.  I was thinking about when I started loving running so much.  I thought about when did I actually start “running”.  The first memory that popped into my head was college soccer, sophomore year when we had to run for one hour, I hated it.  I don’t know why but I dreaded it, didn’t want to do it.  Then the next memory that came into my mind was when my great-grandmother passed away, it was a rainy day and I got the news that she had passed away and I needed to do something, so what did I do, went running.  I remember that run as it was yesterday, it is weird how some things in life stamp us and we remember the details from that event but we can’t remember what we were suppose to get at the grocery store from a couple of hours before… I think that run set me up for what I was going to do forever and ever, RUN.

In the past I have thought about trying to be as fast as I can, be in the top 5 in races, or pushing it until almost passing out.  While it is cool to finish in the top 5 and trying to be the fastest guy out there, I will never stop pushing it, pushing the limits.  I have fun running it is a part of me that won’t leave, it is my future, it is my happy place (much like a bar for people who have had a hard day, the run is my bad day fix).

This is something to think about, do you have fun anymore.  Too many people go through their every day life and don’t smile, just get in a routine without FUN in there.  Be a kid, enjoy life-like you did when you were younger.  Someone told me this last week and it is so true,”Life is too short to be serious all the time, you need time to act like a kid”.  It hits home, think about it.  When you are at work, serious, when you are with people outside of work, serious, when you are at the mall or grocery store, serious.  When are you not serious, when are you just you, when do you get to mess around and enjoy life-like a 5-year-old, my guess is you don’t.  I hope that reading this makes you want to act like a little kid, find that something that will bring you back to being a kid and then keeping it with you in the future.  Mine is the RUN.

This song is about that, what I almost was… Do you want to be what you almost were or do you want to be you?


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  1. Thanks for this reminder Chris! I’m reading “Born to Run” right now, and one of the parts that has stuck with me so far, is how some of the ultra runners- like the wild Jenny and of course the Tarahumara don’t look at running as something they HAVE to do, they do it because they ENJOY it. Its so important to have a little fun! Otherwise, life is boring!

    February 23, 2011 at 9:15 am

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