Weekend Warrior and Imaginary Friends?

What is there to say about the week and then the weekend… I live for the weekends, a weekend warrior.  I never in my wildest thoughts would have called myself that five years ago.  I guess when you “grow up” you change the ways you look at things, change the ways you are, and change the timing of your activities. Weekend Warrior Definition from the urban dictionary for you:

a person who holds a regular job during the week which restricts their ability to party/go on trips/partake in awesome activities, and thus plans epic weekend adventures to compensate. As much variation and quantity of awesomeness is packed into the weekends as physically possible, warranting the rest of the work week to recharge for the next weekend.

With a long weekend of training ahead, a lot of hours on the trainer raising money for an organization, running a little bit, and swimming back and forth for a long time, the weekend is jammed packed.

On a totally different note, I have thought about this for a long time and never posted anything about it.  After walking around last night after a trainer ride, it got me thinking.  Okay, so what is it you might ask, well I have come to the conclusion that way too many homeless people in DC have imaginary friends.  I am going to go with it happening from drugs or drinking, but I don’t want to be bias.  However, there is something pretty funny about a grown man getting into a yelling match with nobody, well nobody that I can see.  I see this every time I walk out the door, and you guys might think it is mean to say but it is pretty amusing to me.  They sit there and talk and I think they are talking to me but when I say excuse me, they give the look as if I am wearing a sombrero or something. Weird right?  This is totally random, I know this, but just thought I would throw it out there.  Why do homeless people seem to have imaginary friends? Any answers?

Well, the week has been filled and the weekend is on the plate for now.  It will be a great one, I am going to make it one.  I am a happy camper today, I will let you know in the next post.  Have a great Aloha Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!


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