Monday again…

Alright, so then, the weekend has come and gone.  What a filled weekend it was.  There were a good amount of man dates over the weekend which is always good.  A man date is not a date with a dude, just so you know.  It is about hanging out with a friend that you have not seen in a while.  I’m not gay.  Friday night was a fun time watching surf video’s and riding the trainer, all in preparation for a 3 hour trainer ride via Skype for my friends up in Canada, ah.  Saturday the Skype ride came through with huge success.  I got to talk to some people from all over Canada and had some fun meeting them and riding while I was riding also.  Then a long run came into action with a buddy.  I love running with Yuening.  We always say we are going to go for a short slow run, it never ends up like that.  Our “short slow run on Saturday” turned into a tempo hour and a half run.  I am not complaining but after 3 hours on the trainer, my legs were screaming.  Sunday was the fun long run day.  I did about 8 miles on the road and then needed to hit the trails so I joined Bill on the trails and took some video while I was there.

Overall, no complaints about the weekend.  On Sunday though, I did have a bad run, my legs were sore, I was starving but it ended great.  I will tell you more on why tomorrow! It is good stuff though, another chapter in my life opening!  It really did not hit home until coffee Sunday night before church with Tim.  Things are moving fast, life is always changing, are you ready for when the door closes on one path and another opens? Are you?


One response

  1. Dan Brousseau

    Chris it was a BLAST to ride with you at my side on Skype on Saturday even thus I could not see you…

    BTW I lasted 10hrs 13 minutes / 189.518 mi
    TY for your encouraging words at the time 🙂

    Hope to meet you in person someday.


    February 28, 2011 at 8:26 pm

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