Newbies Guide to DC

Over the past 15 months, I have learned a lot about the city of Washington.  Here is some things that I have learned that you should know about if you move here:

1. Buy a bike, it’s easier to bike than drive

2. Invest in a warm winter coat, it gets SUPER COLD!

3. Make sure your house has heat, living in the DC winter with no heat is NOT fun ( I have done it for the time I have lived here)

4. There are running trails in Virginia.  If you need to escape from DC, go to Roosevelt Island and there is a trail you can hike and run in the parking lot there.

5. Embrace your surrounding and don’t feel bad if you are the only person of your kind there.  Not to worry, there are plenty of people just like you in the city.

6. Go to Grace DC Presbyterian Church in China Town!

7. The summers are pretty freakin hot in DC, buy some flip flops and tank tops (guys and girls).

8. Don’t go down 5th st NW near the Safeway on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it is the African American transvestite prostitution area… Found that one by accident.

9. Everything is super expensive here.  If you work in Virginia or Maryland, buy your groceries and gas there… DC is too expensive.

10. If someone starts talking to themself when walking or standing, don’t answer them, they are most likely on their bluetooth.  They make you feel stupid when you answer them… It can be funny though if you answer them even if you know they are on the phone.

11. The metro is a headache, and you have to pay for it… Come on, ride a bike (buy an expensive lock, harder to cut through and steal).

12. Everyone dresses up here, for everything (even just walking around). Be prepared, you don’t have to though.  My friends always wear chill gear.

13. Be happy! If you are not happy, try to find some things in the city that make you happy while you put your time in here.


Not that much on this list, but it is some things that I have learned about the nation’s capital.  Have a great day to all and oh yea 3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

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