NC and loving it

Okay, so after a 7 hour drive, pulling a car behind a big uhaul, I am back in Wilmington and calling it home!  It was an all day adventure that ended with a late night followed by a killer brick workout, that will be talked about later on.

So the first couple nights in Wilmington were amazing, warm weather, friends, and some good ol fashion fun.

Now to the fun part.  Well yesterday I was like a kid in a candy store, riding outside sweating my tail off and riding to the ocean for a chat with Patrick.  He’s a super fast bike and we did 50 miles at a solid pace, first half of the ride was 25 mph pace, then on the way back we ended with an overall average of 22 mph.  Fun times on the bike… Then the run came, it was hot! Since I have been in DC for over a year, 70 was hot.  And I LOVED IT! Shirtless running with an awesome friend, good talk, sunburn, ah, got to love it!

Monday came around today and work started, I am going to love it.  Surf and skate company working on the website, what is not to like.  After work will be getting rid uhaul and trading it for my car and my bike (which I will be riding a lot down here to and from work and workouts).

Until next time, have a great day… Enjoy the picture of the bikes and the beach from yesterday.

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