Oh Happy Day…

Alright, it now Tuesday, and it is another happy day.  Most people start their day with a nice hot coffee and the morning paper or internet viewing… Well, today started out the way I want every day, a 20 mile bike at the beach.  The sun was rising when I started at 6:45 am.  It was quiet, windy, a bit chilly, but a perfect way to start the day.  The legs were a little sore due to the hard sprint workout at the pool last night, only 2 miles but with nothing but 50’s and 100’s, the legs were not waking up fast this morning.

If you can’t tell things are going great here in Wilmington.  I am something that I have not been in a long time, happy.  At work, happy, after work happy, during my killer workout sessions, happy.  Over mood= HAPPY.  It is something that everyone should have all the time, if you don’t you need to find something that makes you feel this way.  Well off to work now, then a run during lunch followed by a dinner with Pat and Tiff.  What a great day it is.

Here is a picture of where I rode today, not taken by me but just so you guys see where the happiness is coming from! Have a great and HAPPY day everyone!


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