Do What You Love

“Do what you love, love what you do”

Well it is finally Thursday and the weekend is almost here, one more day.  The week has flown by and thus, leading to a full on weekend of training.  Starting tomorrow morning it is going to be a fun, fast, training filled weekend.

Finally got some new runners today so I get to try them out tomorrow morning on the “hills” of Wilmington.  Then a swim at night, which might turn into an open ocean swim, depending on how cold the water is and how brave I feel with only a farmer john wetsuit.  The the weekend comes, oh weekends.  When most people are relaxing, cooking out, and beaching it, you can find me on a road somewhere in Wilmington running or biking.  Going to try to get at least 80 miles on the bike knocked out on one day then followed by at least a 10 mile run.  Then on the other day of the weekend, a long run will be had.  I am thinking at least 18-20 miles.  Some may say that is a pretty gnarly weekend, but that all equals fun for me.

Well things are still going great down in NC, I think that this move was the best thing that could happen right now in my life.  Work is going great, training is going great, and most importantly, I AM HAPPY.

A quote to ponder on over the weekend: “Do what you love, love what you do”.  It is a good one that sticks with me all the time.  If I didn’t love training and killing myself all the time, I wouldn’t do it, but I do so that is me… Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy life!


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