Alright, well the weekend is almost over and another great one in the bag.  The weekend started out on Friday after work doing something that helps me relax, chill, and get ready for the weekend, a chill 1 mile swim in the warm pool.  When I say warm, it is pretty hot, 89 degrees all the time.  Everyone that I train with hates it but I love it.  Nothing like feeling the sweat in the pool, call me weird, I know.  Then a quick shower, back down to Hells Kitchen for some dinner with friends and to watch the UNC basketball game.  Yea, I actually went out to the bar to watch a game.  Things are changing here.  I am trying to be more social in my Ironman training.  Finally, the people here don’t give me crap for leaving at 8 pm because I am tired and need sleep.  They are starting to get it, and they get it more when I tell them what is on the schedule for the next day…

With that being said, the next day came early.  Saturday started with a chill 40 mile ride with a couple of buddies.  I added an extra 20 at the end.  We rode to Pender County where they are having some serious wild fires going on right now.  I didn’t think they were so bad but when we go out there, it was pretty hard to breath.  One bad thing about living down towards the beach, not a lot of hills.  So, when I saw a hill, I sprinted up it in the hardest gear to get some muscle reaction to it.  My friends said I was crazy but I have the need for hills.  I actually love climbing hills.  They challenge you and you feel great when you get to the top, because you know there is a downhill soon.   Well after the 60 miles, I went out for a 4 mile tempo run.  For those of you who don’t know what a tempo run is, it is a run that is faster than you would usually run.  Okay well more explanation; my normal pace is somewhere around 6:40 per mile, on the Sunday tempo run, I ran 6:15’s.  Get it?  Good.

Well Sunday funday finally came around.  And yes, running for hours is what my Sunday funday is known for.  The morning started out downtown on the Cape Fear river at 8 am, a late start due to rain and cold weather with gnarly winds.  We knocked out 15 miles at a pretty chill pace, 8 per mile.  Then the other three guys did their Boston pace and I needed to do some at my Boston pace.  I am guiding a blind athlete at Boston so I am having to do some training at his pace, 9:15 per mile.   I knocked out 2 miles, equalling 17 for my Sunday morning run.  I came home and crashed, much-needed.   After the little nap, I headed to the YMCA to get some extra miles in at Robbie’s pace, he is the blind athlete I am guiding.  I hate the treadmill but it is a great way to get use to a pace without going out and clock watching.  So, 5 miles later, my legs were spent.  Sunday funday running miles, 23.  A solid day of training and now VCU is in the final four, it’s a great day.  My buddies that went there are going crazy right now I bet!!

That’s about it for my weekend, training, training, a little socializing, and then training some more.  With the running over the weekend, ultra talks with my buddy Matt are being talked about for 2012.

Make it a great day everyone, and a killer week!


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  1. Charles Smith


    March 29, 2011 at 4:32 pm

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