Classes and Coaches

Another week almost in the bag, these weeks are going by way too fast.  I guess that is what happens when you are doing two a days, with work in between all the training.  No complaints on the training though, my friends are starting to see my new way of life and are starting to accept it.

On a different note, last night instead of doing an outside ride, it was raining and super gnarly outside, I went to the YMCA to do a spin class.  Let me through this out first, I have never been a fan of classes at local gyms, I don’t know why, I just have not.   If you are an instructor in one, more power to you, but for some reason in the past, I just have not liked them.  This might be because I had only ever been to one until last night.  With all that being said, I did an hour spin class and got my ass handed to me.  The class is what you make of it, if you want an easy spin, you can do that, if you want to kick your own ass, you can, and I did.  About 30 minutes into it, my shirt was soaking wet, my legs hated me, and I had a huge smile on my face.  Needless to say, I am for sure going to throw in a spin class at least once a week from now on.  The instructor at the end asked us if we wanted to keep going, everyone else was like heck no, but in my head I wanted to be like, hell yea, lets kill it.  But I didn’t.

After the spinning sensation it was time for dinner and a talk with my new ultra coach, it’s going to start at the end of this year.  My buddy Matt Willis’ brother in law is pretty much a bad ass ultra guy, check him out, Paul DeWitt Coaching.  I did a questionnaire and told him all about my past, my PR’s, my goal races for 2012, and my eating habits.  Well, when he called it was like talking to an old friend, which was amazing.  It made me feel like I already knew him.  We talked about how it was already early to start thinking about 100’s so just do my thing until after IM Louisville but with a twist.  And the twist….. doing a couple 6+ hour runs, no pace in mind, no distance in mind, just go out to the trails and run for 6 hours.  Some may say this is crazy, as my co-worker calls it, a marathon on steroids, but it is fun to me.  Planning early is a good idea and looking at doing a 50 miler before out in Colorado before the 100 miler in Colorado.

One day I want to run like him!

Well, I have to get through this year of Ironman’s then chill for a couple of weeks then back at it.  At least with just running, I can find people to always run with, right?  They don’t need to do a lot but any kind of partner is good for any distance.

Okay, not the weekend of fun is almost here.  It is a recovery week so that means a pretty chill weekend, well chill for me.  However, with Boston in two weeks, a lot of running mixed with a couple of hour bike ride is in the works.  Have a happy and fun weekend everyone!  Until next time, enjoy life, smile and pass it on!


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