Fridays are for FUN

To start the day, an early morning hill workout was in the plans.  When going to bed last night, the weather was not looking too great, 40 degrees and raining.  Well, when waking up this morning, it was 50 and no rain! Great morning for a run with some friends.  By friends I mean a couple of guys were going to meet up and knock out some hills downtown.  One showed up with his amazingly fast dog.  We killed the hills for 6.3 miles, but we all know, you have to round down, so we did 6 miles of hills at 6am.  Sounds like a fun morning huh?

Well to me, this was fun, it is fun, and always will be fun! Fridays are my day off from training but I changed that to Fridays are for fun.  Which means to me that do what I want for fun on Friday mornings.  This might mean hill runs, a trip to the pool, a nice long yoga class.  Who knows, but Friday workouts have to be FUN!  When the water gets warmer, a long paddle at sunrise in the ocean would for sure be in the plans.

Okay, enough about my Friday FUN, what is yours?  I do know that for a small portion of people they are going to have an AWESOME weekend, starting at 7am tomorrow morning in Raleigh, NC at the Umstead 100 mile race!  Good luck to all of you running, and have a FUN and safe race.



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