Writing About Running, Yes Please

Wow, this is the last big week of training and yes I am completely dead.  I have a long ride this weekend on the course that I am doing next month.  I get to see what the hills look like, what they feel like, and then you have to remember what goes up must come down.  So, yes I get to feel the 11 miles of downhills.  It is going to be one of those weekends that I wish would end, not what most people say about the weekend.  Then the next weekend is Boston, which leads me to writing something special… let me explain.

So, a bunch of my friends, and training partners work at Try Sports here in Wilmington.  I have been biking and running with them lately and they know what I am doing in Boston.  If you don’t know what I am doing, here is the 411.  I got asked to guide a very good runner from Canada in the race.  Robbie is a blind runner and I am going to be his guide.  While most people would have said yes and not qualified on their own, you know me, I had to qualify to earn my spot there.  So last November I did the Richmond Marathon, you have to remember that his was my first marathon.  I had done races longer than that but this was my first official marathon.  Well, when the clock hit 2:58 I was done, qualified with an under 3 hour marathon, not too shabby for my first marathon ever.  Okay, well, with me getting a place at Boston for this year, I gave up the slot and going to do it on my own next year, but this year is Robbie’s year.  I qualified for him, so I could earn my spot there, just like he did.

With all that being said, someone from Try sports contacted me this week about writing a Believe Achieve column for their monthly newsletter, thanks Frances!  I am super stoked.  I have been pondering about writing a book and this would help me see what people think about my story, my writing and if the book thing would really pan out.  I can’t wait to write the story about Boston and I have figured out a way to take my video camera on the run so there will be video footage of Robbie and I’s 26.2 mile adventure through Boston.

Alright, well time to get my weekend head on, my preparation begins today for the long, BUT FUN, weekend ahead.  OH YEA, HAPPPY ALOHA FRIDAY TO ALL!!!!!


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