Taper, Boston, and Couch surfing?

Well, this is the week before Boston and I wish I could say that  it was a taper week, but with an Ironman 3 weeks after Boston, this is another long week.  This is the last week of hard training before my taper begins.  If you don’t know what taper is, let me explain.  A taper is when you slowly start to back off of your training leading up to your race.  For instance, my taper for Ironman is about 3 weeks.  It gets me down to almost doing nothing the couple of days before the race.  When the taper starts your body starts to heal from all the training that you have been doing.  Then on raceday your body is perfectly healed, or is should be, and you will be race ready.  However, when going through a taper people start to feel pretty bad.  I for one have this problem.  You have to think about it like this, you train and train for months on end building up your fitness and then you start to back off.  You feel like crap, out of shape, fat, antsy to work out.  When you feel this way, you are doing the right kind of tapering.  Your body should feel like crap, like you are out of shape, fat, and lazy.  Okay enough about the tapering process.

Boston weekend is going to be crazy, a lot going on in a big city with friends from all over the country meeting there.  My roommate told me about this site last night that I will be checking up on to see if I can find a place to crash on Friday night, couchsurfing.com.  What a great idea, people put their information in the site and you can sleep on their couches, genius!

Okay well off to find a couch to crash on for Friday night and relax the legs.  After the longest weekend of my training plan, the lets are a little sore, but not as much as I thought they would be so that’s good.  I tried this new thing that I have never tried this weekend.  It was a computrainer set up for the ST. George Ironman course that I am doing.  It was killer, a lot of climbing and I actually feel like the climbs would have been harder.  Everyone I have told I am doing the St. George course has said how hard it is, how tough it will be, but they have not done it.  I talked to Sami and she said it was tough but I should be able to kill it.  And Sami HAS done the race, so that makes me feel better.

Well time for work, have a great Monday everyone! Enjoy the week and remember to smile and pass it on!


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