Taper Time already

Well a couple days after Boston I am back to the grind of training.  With my Ironman coming up fast, I got back to the start of tapering.  It is going to be a long two and a half weeks but the time has come, the training has been done, now it is time to recover and taper and get ready for the big day.  I am surprised on how fast my legs are back to normal.  It has only been three days since running Boston and I am good to go.  I have rode twice and swam once so that always helps, not taking a day off from training since Boston.  However, today is going to be my day off, well I say day off.  Riding around the beach just cruising is still riding but it is not really riding, just catching up with a buddy from high school, Ian Edwards.  What a way to catch up on almost 9 years, riding bikes at the beach.

Not too much to write about now but I do have the piece about Boston almost done so look for that over the weekend if you want to read it.  Have a great day everyone! Enjoy the day and smile, you are alive and well!

Thought this was funny, and it is SO true.


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