Utah is…

So yes, I am in Utah.  Ironman is all set for this Saturday.  It is going to be a rewarding, challenging, hot, windy, but fun day.  This morning I went to test the water and see just how cold 60 degree water was.  Well, as everyone knows I don’t do well with cold but it wasn’t that bad.  Yes, once the feet got numb and the blood got flowing it was all good.  Then a short bike ride followed and it was well… hilly and hot.  And the short run was awesome, I love running up hill and in hot conditions, which makes the run portion awesome for me.

The current conditions being 90 degrees and a small wind.  Race day weather is perfect, 55ish at the start with a small wind and then warming up to somewhere around 85ish.  This is setting up for a solid race.  I love being hot and hills, well this has both and makes me happy.

It is gong to be a good day.  My nerves are flowing and seeing all the fit people with their carbon bikes, expensive wheels, top of the line equipment, it makes me super nervous.  I know that it is all about the engine pushing the bike and the legs so I know I am good.  A carbon bike would be nice to have though…

Okay well I will post the link and my number to my facebook account tomorrow afternoon before bed so you guys can track me if you want to.  So tonight my Cinco De Mayo will be spent with 1913 people listening to the speech from the race director at the mandatory meeting.  Drink a beer for me! Aloha everyone!  And here is the song that will be blasting in my ipod race morning if you want to know it! If you do not like vulgar language, please do not click.


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