Decision made!

Well, some people have been wondering about my last post, regarding decisions decisions… Well here it goes.  This year has, and will, be a great year for triathlons.  I completed my first Ironman, which is said to be one of the hardest ones on the circuit, and then having one more at the end of the year to wrap the triathlon year up.  A lot of time and effort has gone into training for triathons, having to train for three disciples is very time-consuming but I have met so many people who have, and will continue, to make is so much fun!!

With that being said, I have figured out what I am doing next year, and I am stoked!  Today was the key decision maker for me.  I did a trail run at sunrise with a buddy today and it made the decision for me.  I love running.  I love being out in the woods with nature, with no sounds of cars, people, or the hustle and bustle of a city.  So, next year will be my ultra trail year.  It has been a long time coming and I am finally ready to just run for the whole year.  Who knows where it will take me but I do know this, the ultra scene is what I am ready to get back to.  A way more chill, relaxed, and natural place I want to be.  I do love triathlons, and I am not giving that up!! I just want to get back to what I truly love, running.  For some people to hear me say that I would be training with 6-9 hours of running at one time, they think I am nuts.  And yea, it does sound nuts most people, but to my friends and family, they just know that is me.

So next year… There is Leadville which I am gearing for in August, but there are still a couple of races up in the air, San Juan 50 miler and then the Umstead 100 miler.  I would love to do the Umstead 100 since it is in North Carolina and where I grew up running and mountain biking so it would be amazing to do my first 100 there.  I have talked to the race director and with my Ironman time this year, it will enter me into the qualifying for registration.

I can not be more stoked about the next year and a half of my life in all apsects of it. I am so happy, and those who know me have said that.  I had to make a huge decision on moving back to Wilmington a couple months ago and it is the best decison I have made in my life!!!

Happy aloha Friday everyone, have a great weekend!


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