Getting back at it.

Well with the decision made for 2012, I need to start to focus on this years races now.  With an olympic distance race coming up in two weeks, I need to get some speed under my belt.  It might sound weird to people who don’t race, Ironman training is about going the distance where for me, olympic distance races are when I go all out.  Think of it this way, it is going from running a marathon to a 10k race.  I need to get my speed back in all three disciplines to get my legs turning over faster.  With that being said I have a couple of track workouts planned for the next two weeks with a super fast chick who is an amazing runner, yes, that’s you Heather.  Also, I am signed up to do a 10k.  I don’t know how that is going to turn out but I am looking to run around 36 minutes, a sub 6 minute mile pace.  I ran a 10k last year at 6:22 pace but I have come a long ways in racing since last year.  With Heather pacing me the first 6 miles, I should be okay at that pace.

And then there is the swim and bike.  I did the first swim this morning, the same distance the race is and felt good.  This was my first swim since St. George due to my new tattoo I got after the race.  The swim this morning was super fun.  We met up with another group in the channel and had a little chat out there.  It is so great living where I live, where else could you go on an open water swim and run into a group of your friends and hang out in the middle of the intercostal waterway… No where!  I went on a bike yesterday which I thought was going to be 30 miles…. Well, it turned out to be 46 miles and I know that does not sound like a big difference.  If you only pace one water bottle and 2 gels, thinking it is going to be a 30 mile ride, yea, there’s the difference.  Overall it was a fast ride, flat and windy, just how NC is.

The body is ready to get back into it.  June is when the training picks back up for the next Iron distance race which is October 29th.  It will be a fun race, it’s here in Wilmington and all my friends and family will either be racing or out on the course supporting which is a huge help in long distance races.

That’s about it for now, a busy week then Bill’s coming down for Memorial day weekend and I get to show him what life is like in North Carolina.  The beach will be our destination for a couple of days, that is after racing and training.  Have a great week everyone and enjoy the sunshine!

The picture is of an amazing triathlete that will soon win Kona, I will put money on it!

Luke Bell- freaking amazing!


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