Summer’s Here!!!

When you walk out of your door at 5:30am for a training session and the humidity hits you in the face, you know summer is here.  Getting up to go for an open water swim at 6am with the temperatures already at 75 degrees is what I live for.  These are the days that I love, summer days.  I am not talking about your normal summer relaxing days where you sit around and get sun on a chair outside, well okay, after the training I do.  No, these are the days where you walk out of your door with your shirt already off and ready to go get cool in the water.  The water is warming up fast and I love that.  I am a HUGE fan of summer.

Speaking of summer time, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  The beaches down here will be slammed packed with people coming to visit on vacation, parties to go to, and oh yea, a super fun weekend of training.  My buddy from DC, Bill, is coming down for the weekend and I can’t wait to show him what our weekends are like down here: start the day super early before it gets too hot, knock out all the training before noon, then beach until it’s time for a bbq at night.  I can honestly say that moving back down here is the best move I have ever, and may ever, make in my life.

So, have a great weekend everyone and get some sun and fun.  But wear sunscreen!  Thank you to all who have served for us in our military!  Something to think about this weekend, I learned this from my dad.  When you see a group of military people out there this weekend, walk up to them shake their hands and say thank you, buy them a drink, or buy them their dinner, they deserve that so we can sleep at peace at night.


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