Race week again

Well it is now almost the middle of the week and I have a race coming up on Sunday.  The race is the Kerr Lake Olympic Distance triathon and I could not be more excited.  It seems crazy but I am super nervous, the conditions are going to be brutal.  The temperatures are going to be in the mid 90’s and the humidity is going to be high, if it is anything like is has been this week here in North Carolina.   The main focus of this race, to finish.  It sounds weird but I am going to do the race to let my family see me race.  The race is in their hometown, where all my family lives so I am going to race so they can see what I do.  I did the race last year and they loved it so why not go back this year and do it again.

This year’s race is going to be different though, I have about 10 friends doing the race.   I have not done a race with that many people I know also doing it so it will be a fun adventure.  Being on the course and pushing each other will be super fun.  I just really hope that the weather is not too brutal.

The legs have been sore but after a two a day running session yesterday, they are feeling back to “normal” today.  Seriously, my legs hurt more after doing the 10k on Saturday than after a marathon.  That led me to thinking that my body is made for the long distance running rather than short and fast.

Okay well since it is race week and I am starting to taper a little bit it is off to a nap before work.  I got up early but going to train after work today so have a great day everyone and try to stay cool, if that is possible.


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