Balls to the Wall

Okay well this one will be short and sweet.  Sunday will be the Kerr Lake Olympic Distance triathlon.  I did the race last year and going to push the race and PR the race.  My racing has been going great this year so going to try to PR for the second weekend in a row.  The time to beat is 2:25:47! The swim is going to be wet suit legal, if the water stays the same temperature as it is now, the bike, rolling hills which make for a fast course, and the run, yea the run.  The run is going to be HOT, 92 degrees in the forecast and no shade on the run at all.  I have something pushing me this time, 10 friends that I train with here in Wilmington will be racing also, AND my family will be there so that is always fun!

But before the race, Saturday, I am going to a fundraiser for visually impaired children in Raleigh.  If you are in Raleigh, come to Lake Lynn Saturday morning and walk with us, 930am!

To all those racing this weekend, have a fun race and HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY!!!


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