Rain, Fun, and a PR

The Kerr Lake Triathlon was this morning.  It is an olympic distance triathlon in my grandparents home town.  It was pretty fun racing in their town, they never get to see me race so it was good times.

Now to the race, there were so many people from Wilmington racing that we were all over the course yelling for each other and just having fun.  The swim was rather interesting.  I got out of the water in 28 minutes and some change and came out of the water with Adam Rose.  We both looked at our watches and thought, that time is way too high for a 1500 meter swim.  Well it turns out that the first turn buoy line snapped from the  cinder block that it was held to.  This means that the buoy was floating and being pushed away, leading to a longer swim, over a mile I am guessing for the actual swim.

Then the bike came.  There were hills that were long and rolling which lead to fast downhills and steady uphills.  On the bike there was rain.  While most times this would be bad, summer rains lead to a hot hot after rain humidity.  Luckily, the humidity stayed away and the rain stopped after about 3o minutes.  It felt so good and helped us push it on the bike.

The run came up and I got out of gate running with Adam again.  We started at 6:20’s and I told him to go ahead and I was going to rock the last 3 miles out.  Well it turns out that I PR’ed the race with a finishing time of 2:18:58.  A solid 7 minutes off the same course last year.  There is a rule that I heard the other day and I am going to follow it, “If you PR on a race, you don’t complain”.  So, it was a fun race, and will be there next year to get some more of Kerr Lake.

Here is a picture of all the people from Wilmington that did the race.

And this is what having fun looks like!



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