Okay, well only two days after the race on Sunday I was at the track this morning for a fun workout with friends.  By fun I mean kicking my ass and sweating buckets at 6am.  We knocked out 4 1200’s then a solid 4 400’s and then a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down.  A solid group out there today and pushing the pace was super fun.

You might think this sounds nuts, and my family thinks so also, but with less than a week from the last race, I am doing a marathon on Saturday night.  It is not going to be one for qualifying for Boston, not even going for a PR, this marathon is going to be about fun.  You see it is a night marathon, starting at 6pm and running in the middle of nowhere where the course is not closed, there are random things that could happen and wildlife that we might see.  You better believe I am taking a camera because who knows what could happen on this run.  Then the following week, Ironman training starts.

I will leave you with this, a little motivation to get out and run.  It is a wallpaper of some great runners, check it out.  Have a great day everyone and enjoy the heat and don’t complain, it could be snowing right now…


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