Night marathon= Pain

Well the night marathon is a check off the list for this year.  We all went into thinking that there would be some rolling hills there and it would not be too bad.  We were all in for a surprise that has led my legs hating me two days after.

Let’s start at the beginning: We drove to Ellerbe, North Carolina knowing that the mountains were only a couple of miles away.  As we drove down to the start/ finish line, the hills were very steep and there was a lot of them.  We had no idea what the course was and it was probably good we didn’t.  Our goal was to stick together and have all 4 of us run 9 minute miles and have fun.  Well the gun went off and I turned to Brandon and asked what happened to 9 minute miles, as the girls started running 7:40’s.  That does not sound that fast, I know, but with nothing but hills, it was going to be a long night of climbing and descending.

The course is a three loop course and the hills that you run the first time, you gladly get to run them two more times after that.  Around 13 miles we split up, me and Frances, and Brandon and Mary Auge, they went ahead of Frances and I because we were just going to cruised that last half and plus I wanted to run in the dark for the adventure.  With the last loop upon us night fell fast, it was pitch black and our headlamps were the only light source out there.  A storm with killer lightning came up so that gave us some extra light and also some extra motivation to pick it up and finish the marathon before the rain came.  We did and about 30 mins after we left, the rain came down in buckets.

So Sunday, and now today, my legs are really not happy with me.  With no flat stretch anywhere on the course, my legs are toast.  I have Iron distance training starting today but could not get up and out of bed so it will start tomorrow morning.  Running at night really messes with your mind, sleeping, and eating.  Was is something that I would do again, yes.  During the race I said hell no.  But now, I want to redeem myself and do it again next year.



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