Week full of fun

Well it has been a week since I posted last so I need to get back to it.  Training is starting back and in full gear but loving every bit of it.  The temperatures are already at a record high here in North Carolina, we broke 100 degrees yesterday and set a record that had been held for 87 years.  Anyways back to training talk.  I finally did it, I got a swim coach, thanks Jay for picking me up.  I have never had a coach for anything relating to triathlons but after a swim with Jay’s group this morning, I loved it and need that every week.  Check him out, Milestone Multisport.  Solid swim workout.

Well in other unrelated news, I am moving into a new house next month.  I can’t wait.  It is closer to my work, the beach, and UNCW campus where I can mountain bike on the trails and run on the track.  It is a good move and moving in with another triathlete and runner so the house is going to be a super chill house.  I will post pictures of the tri pad when we get all moved in.

Well the week is busy, the weekend even busier so have a great week everyone.  Stay happy and do what you got to do to stay that way. Aloha!


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