Build Week

Well what can I say, I needed that race this weekend to boost my training.  I did not race but being out there at the race, seeing everyone putting their training to the test, that is what I needed.  It happens sometimes, you get to a point in the training that you need something to spark that fire again, and the race yesterday did that for me.  With a pretty big goal set up for Beach 2 Battleship, my training has to kick up the intensity.  My mind is there but with so much going on, yea in life, I need to get the rest of me back into gear.

I am moving this week! What what!!! I can’t wait to move.  It is going to be a training house, my roommate is also in full training mode so we will be a perfect fit.  He has a couple of half ironmans coming up so it helps when you say, I am going to bed at 8 tonight and he says yea man I was going to do the same, so we won’t have noises around the house and getting up at 5 am every morning and not worrying about waking up the other roommate.  The week will be spent packing and then finally moving everything on Saturday after my long ride and run.  It is going to be a great week!!!

With training on my mind and work to get done, this is a short post but have a great Monday everyone and enjoy what life has to offer!


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