I fell in love yesterday…

Yes, it is true, I fell in love this weekend.  It is not the love you are thinking about.  It is a kind of love that has always been there, a love that was put aside for way too long.  What is it you are asking, surfing!   I use to surf everyday, all day, any free chance I got.  Surfing has taken me to third world countries and all the way to Hawaii.  Now that I think about it, surfing took me to Hawaii and I left a triathlete, funny how things work out sometimes huh?

Okay, well last night I was feeling like I wanted to spend some time with friends on the beach rather than fight the crowds downtown watching fireworks.  So I planned a night at the beach with friends, all they had to do was come to the beach, bring a surfboard if they had any, or any other fun thing to ride a wave on.  Well, a super fun group showed up and we got a lot of surfing in and a lot of fun times.  So, it has been over 2 years since I have been on a surfboard.  Well how did it go?  Have you ever seen a kid at a candy store with a pocket full of money?  Yea, that is how I felt.  I missed the relaxing water, the salt, the waves, and the fun times that the ocean has to offer.  Surfing, I will never leave you again, promise!  Being away for 2 years I thought that it was going to be hard to get back to it… Third wave got a nice long floater and thought to myself, it’s like riding a bike but more fun!

Oh yea, the winner of the best wave goes to Kelly Hatcher, she was sitting in an inertube with goggles and I said she looked like a specail ed kid.  Her quick response, ” Yea but I’m catching more waves than you bitches”!  So much fun, it will be happening a lot more from now on!

A couple more days till Tim McGraw in Raleigh, this week better fly by! Aloha y’all.


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