Fast and surprising weekend

Okay well I went to Raleigh on Friday for a concert which was that night, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan and the Band Perry.  It was an amazing concert to say the least.  Tim had broken his foot that day so half way through he walked off the stage.  He came back super pumped up and I think he might have had a couple of beers or medications that made him feel alright.

Saturday was going to be a long bike, we decided to do a long run instead.  Raleigh sure does have some hills, and we found them.  Saturday night was a cookout with cornhole playing for a couple of hours.  Fun times with the fam.  I got a call on Saturday asking if I would do the swim portion of a triathlon the next day.  I was like heck yea I will.  We put a team together because Phil was not able to do the swim and bike as he signed up for.  Phil spent the day Friday in the ER getting stitches on his leg due to the death of a cyclist in a race he was racing.

So Sunday morning rolls around and our team is set, I would swim, Phil would bike, and then Doug Wheeler would run.  We were going to go out there and just have some fun and get Phil on the bike again after what happened Friday.  That’s what he needed, to get back out there to get his mind right so we were going to help him.  Ok, now to the race.  The swim was 750 meters, almost half a mile.  I started in the front of the relay teams no knowing how anyone else there would swim.  Turns out I got second on the swim, 12:31 and the first place was 12:30.  Then came the bike, we were all worried about Phil, would his stitches hold up, would he be okay out there.  Well Phil was more than okay, he turned out the fasted bike split of all the relay teams by 6 minutes.  Doug was nervous about the run, a lot of the run was on trails.  He killed the run with a 21:29 5k time!  The results came back that we won the relay division with a 1:19:59 time.  The second place team was 1:31:12.  So yea, we killed it! Team TrySports rocked out hard and we had a super fun time.  That just goes to show you that going out to a race and having fun helps with being relaxed and stay chill.

What a great and surprising weekend in Raleigh.  Team TrySports is going to have to stick together and rock out another couple of races! Look out!


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