Spoiling Max

This week has gone by so fast, with work and training I can’t believe it is almost the weekend already.  A lot has gone on this week with a very great surprise happening.  My best friend and his family came through town and I got to have lunch with them.  And then he surprised me at my work and then I am going to go have dinner with them tonight.  Peter and Courtney are a very special couple for me, we have been through a lot together, more than any other person in the past 10 years.  With their 4 year old boy Max, they have a special place in my heart for them.  I don’t get a chance to see them as often as I want but next year that will change when I am not biking and swimming so much and just running.  When I do see them though I spoil the hell out of their kid, I don’t think they like it so much but Uncle CB takes care of him.  His special treat this week was a pair of TYR goggles.  He saw them and then asked if he could have them and his parents said no, then he asked me… And you know what I said, remember I spoil him.  He put the goggles on and did not take them off the entire time I was with him.  I have to get the youngsters started in triathlons somehow right?  Then he saw bike helmets, and yea, the one he wanted was over $200, he did not get that one from me!

With the weekend almost here, I am ready for the long training weekend ahead.  It is a recovery week so the training is not too heavy this weekend but I am going to get some extra running in since I love it so much and miss running a lot.  Some say that it is bad to get extra running in with my plan but I miss it, it is me, I am a runner so I am going to push it with some extra miles this week.

I hope everyone has had a great week and have a safe and fun weekend! Aloha everyone!


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