Sickness but okay

Well after the triathlon two weekends ago I started to notices some bumps around my side and on my stomach.  I thought nothing of it, thought it was from the nasty water that I swam in.  Then the next day my lymph nodes in my arm pits started to swell up, then I started to wonder.  See, I never go to the doctor, never.  But then I used the google to see what was wrong…. BIG MISTAKE.  It said I had something that was way off but it shocked me so I decided to go to the doctor after noticing another swollen bump on my breast.  Right away the doctor knew what it was.  I had/still have shingles.  I have always heard of people dying from this but that was back in the day.  Well the blood work came back and it was for sure shingles.  So what do I do… He gave me a cream to put on it and then an oral medication.  Another thing you should know about me, I don’t take medications, not even Advil unless I am in sever pain.  Due to me not taking medicines I get drowsy whenever I do take them, like pass out sleeping drowsy.

Needless to say this past week has been interesting.  I have been taking the medicine and been super tired, almost to the point of not wanting to get out of bed after taking them.  Today the tiredness caught up and missed my swim practice.  I really enjoy the swim practice, the coach kicks my butt and I love that.  I just could not get out of bed.  However, the shingles are going away, the rash is slowly going away so that makes it all worth it.

Kind of an off subject post but this happens when you train and the body gets stressed out and fatigued.

Keep it real until next time everyone! And if you are in Wilmington this Sunday, come to the house-warming party that we are having!  It should be a super fun time! Aloha y’all.


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